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Forest Conservation and Management Research Programme (FCMRP) focuses on generation and dissemination of suitable technologies forenhancing biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services;increasing forest productivity; improving soil and water quality; promoting integrated management options for tree pests and diseases. Theresearch themes are geared towards addressing the challenges facing forest biodiversity, productivity and healthwith the view of improving forest ecosystem healthfor sustainable management of forests, improved livelihoods and economic growth.

To achieve its goal of “harnessing science and ensuring sustainable forest management for improved livelihoods while maintaining the vital ecosystem services therein, FCMRP uses well established Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) in major natural forests of Uganda to monitor species biodiversity and forest growth; uses PSPs established by National Forestry Authority in government plantations to model and focus the growth/yield of plantation species; establishes species provenance trials for diversification of tree species for future plantation development; analyses related forest policies for effective policy review and formulation; uses climatic and demographic data to monitor forest ecosystem health and employssurveillance methods to monitor outbreak of tree pests and diseases in the country.

Main Objective

The overall objective of the forestry conservation and management research programme is to develop and disseminate technologies and strategies for conservation and sustainable management of various forest ecosystems and types in Uganda through understanding forests and their components.

Specific Objectives:

The specific objective of the research program include:


  • Assess the extent and status of forest and tree cover including area of natural and man-made forests and forest area diverted for non-forestry use or encroachment.
  • Assess the status of species diversity by forest type and enhance biodiversity conservation.
  • Analyse ecosystems health and vitality including determining extent of natural regeneration.
  • Enhance forest production and productivity in both natural and plantation forests.
  • Assess the contributions of forest conservation and management to food security and other livelihood needs.
  •  Assess enhancement of soil, water resources and environment functions of forests.
  • Enhance policy, legal and institutional frameworks for conservation and sustainable forest management.
  • Manage fires, pest and diseases in plantation forests.


Ongoing Projects:

  1. Determination of farm forestry impacts on household poverty, food security and carbon trade in Uganda
  2. Biological control options for  L. invasa and Cinara cronortii identified and implemented
  3. Enhancing NaFORRI's capacity for biodiversity research
  4. Enhancement of silviculture for improving forest productivity


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