Dr. Hillary Agaba

Dr. Hillary Agaba

Name:  Dr. Hillary Agaba
Job Title:

Director Of Research: National Forestry Resources Research Institute

Qualifications: Ph.D., MSc., BSc., Dip. Education (Chemistry and Biology). John Dillon Fellow 2017, a prestigious fellowship by the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).
Expertise: Hillary has a forestry background with keen interest in agroforestry research and development; as well as in ecosystem health and production.
Research Interests Hillary is interested in Agroforestry research for development to address soil degradation and food insecurity issues. He has championed smart options for climate change mitigation and adaptation; dry land afforestation using hydrogels and sustainable land management.

Contact Details:


Official Email     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Personal Email     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Selected Publications:

 1.    Kiyingi., A. Edriss, M. Phiri, M. Buyinza and H. Agaba. 2016. Impact of Farm Forestry on Poverty alleviation and Food Security in Uganda. Journal of Sustainable Development, DOI:10.5539/jsd.v9n1p150

2.    Isaac Kiyingi, Abdi-Khalil Edriss, Alexander MR Phiri, Buyinza Mukadasi, Susan Tumwebaze & Hillary Agaba (2016): The economics of the carbon sequestration potential of plantation forestry in south-western Uganda, Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science, DOI: 10.2989/20702620.2016.1162615

3.    Buyinza Joel., Sekatuba Jude., Ongodia Gerald., Eryau Kenneth., Nansereko Susan., Opolot Ibwala Vincent., Kwaga Phiona., Akellem Richard., Mudondo Scovia and Agaba Hillary, 2015. Farmers’ Knowledge on Forage Production in Smallholder Dairy Systems of Uganda, International Journal of Livestock Production Research Vol. 3, No. 1, April 2015, pp. 1 - 10, ISSN: 2329 – 8634

4.    Buyinza J., Agaba H., Ongodia G., Eryau K., Sekatuba J., Kalanzi F., Kwaga P., Mudondo S. and Nansereko S., 2015. On-farm Conservation and Use Values of Indigenous Tree Species in Uganda, Research Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences  Vol. 3(3), 19-25, ISSN 2320-6063

5.    Samson Gwali, Hillary Agaba, Paul Balitta, David Hafashimana, Joseph Nkandu, Anne Kuria, FabricePinard& Fergus Sinclair (2015): Tree species diversity and abundance in coffee farms adjacent to areas of different disturbance histories in Mabira forest system, central Uganda, International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management, DOI: 10.1080/21513732.2015.1050607,

6.    Orikiriza J.B,Agaba H., Eilu G., Kabasa J.D., Worbes M. and Hüttermann A. 2013. Effects of Hydrogels on Tree Seedling Performance in Temperate Soils before and after Water Stress, Journal of Environmental Protection, 2013, 4, 713-721

7.    Agaba H., Orikiriza L. J. B., Obua J., Kabasa J. D, Worbes M. and Huttermann A. 2011.Hydrogel amendment to sandy soil reduces irrigation frequency and improves the biomass of Agrostisstolonifera, Clean – Soil, Air, Water 2011, 38 (4), 328–335

8.    Agaba H., Orikiriza L. J. B., Esegu J. F. O., Obua J., Kabasa J. D, Huttermann A. 2010. Effects of Hydrogel Amendment to Different Soils on Plant Available Water and Survival of Trees under Drought Conditions, Clean – Soil, Air, Water  38 (4), 328–335.

9.    Orikiriza J.B., Agaba H., Tweheyo M., Eilu G., Kabasa J.D. and Hutterman A. 2009. Amending Soils with Hydrogels Increases the Biomass of Nine Tree Species under non water stress conditions. Clean 37 (8) 615 – 620. Wiley Interscience

10.    Huttermann A., Orikiriza J.B. and Agaba H., 2009. Application of Superabsorbent Polymers for Improving the Ecological Chemistry of Degraded or Polluted lands. Clean 37 (7) 517 – 526. Wiley Interscience.

11.    Okorio J,Sekatuba J, Agaba H, Musaana S, Wandui C, Ongodia G, Opolot V, and D. Wafula.(2004). Potential of agroforestry in improving rural livelihoods in eastern and mid-northern Uganda. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 9 (1): 901 – 907.

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