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Message from the Director NaFORRI

Welcome to the website of the National Forestry Resources Research Institute (NaFORRI) of the National Agricultural Research Organization, (NARO) Uganda.

This website is meant to facilitate the effective use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools to share information, build capacity and link collaborators and partners with current and comprehensive information about NaFORRI, highlighting the mandate, activities, products, services and the staff who make the institute deliver.

Our research is focused on the conservation of natural forest ecosystems; sustainable management of plantation forests; growing and managing trees on farms; developing and promoting tree/forest products and services; integrated pests, diseases and fire management; tree improvement and germplasm; nature based recreation; emerging issues such as climate change, biofuels and any other field identified by the stakeholders including socio-economic, gender and human concerns; information communication management; and partnerships and collaboration.

We strive to share the information we generate from research and that accessed from our partners and collaborators with the farmers, communities, forest managers, scientists and others. NaFORRI also provides technical advice and technology transfer in partnership, collaboration and cooperation with government agencies, non-profit organizations, private sector, schools and universities throughout Uganda.

I invite you to join NaFORRI in exploring various challenges in the forestry and natural resources sector in Uganda such as deforestation, land-use and forestry, climate change, biodiversity conservation, and the application of economic instruments to promote forestry. I look forward to your advise, support and partnership to ensure the sustainability of forestry resources for development and improved utilization by humanity.

Dr. Hillary Agaba
Director, NaFORRI

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